NiXiE's: Piotr Kurek + Orphan Fairytale + Mick et son orgue électronique


NiXiE's: Piotr Kurek + Orphan Fairytale + Mick et son orgue électronique

party concert
FR 16.02.2018 22:00

Piotr Kurek is a Warsaw based musician. His truly innovative and genre-spanning pieces of music come from unfettered exploration and a blending of various inspirations rather than through education. Piotr Kurek has established himself as one of the most distinctive creators of avant-garde music. He is known from his numerous aliases, albums released for Digitalis, Crónica, Sangloplasmo, Dunno, collaborations (most notably with Sylvia Monnier as Suaves Figures, Hubert Zemler as Piętnastka and Francesco de Gallo as ABRADA) and rather peculiar DJ-sets (as one of the founders of Brutaż and Smutaż parties in Warsaw). 

Welcome to the wondrous world of Eva Van Deuren's one-girl project Orphan Fairytale. She creates a fairylike, mystic and hypnotising sound world using only self-made electronics, toy instruments, cassette loops and small keyboards. The music show a great deal of playfulness. Dreamlike patterns are enriched by carefully placed notes and tones.

Mick Lemaire manipulates the shivers coming out of his borrowed organs, sounding like big ass mosquito’s ready to suck the tinnitus out of your ears.

NiXiE has been active in the Belgian underground music scene for years as a dj and organizer of the notorious NiXiE’S events.