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Carrageenan Europa

go for a walk

Carrageenan Europa

music walk European Quarter

Juddering drums, snarling bass and squealing synths, between a European dys- and utopia.

"Both politically and architecturally dystopic, the European Quarter is a very interesting part of Brussels. For this composition I was inspired by the brutalist dimension of the architecture to evoke the ghosts of the original european construction utopia, the world of elites and its disconnection to reality, the chaos of the present and uncertainty of its future."
— Carrageenan

1. Find your way to the START at Kunst-Wet (METRO), 1000 Brussel
2. Get your charged phone and earphones out.
3. Press play.
4. Follow the route on the map, you can also open the map in a new window click here
5. The project is in a testing-testing-testing phase, so WE <3 FEEDBACK at

Matthieu Levet is a Brussels based sound artist, DJ and runs record label Cold Moss. Mostly active solo under the moniker Carrageenan, he is also part of Carcass Identity, Vermisst Susi, Pizza Noise Mafia and Crash Toto. His music was released on Tanzprocesz, Swallowing Helmets, Czaszka Records. He performed in north and east Europe, UK, Japan (Cafe Oto, Salon des Amateurs, Kraak Festival, Forestlimit Tokyo) and toured with Bear Bones Lay Low, Accou, Spoils & Relics, CIA debutante, Descendeur, Uj Bal