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Open Call for associated artists

Open Call for associated artists

We’re looking for an artistic framily to join forces and feels with for 2,5 years, by way of space, time, money and advice from a brand new network consisting of Zinnema, Hiros, Bâtard, Argos, Volta, Level Five and Beursschouwburg. Got any rough ideas lying around, or better yet, experimental projects spanning the boundaries of communities and disciplines? Let us know and apply!

Beursschouwburg  is launching an open call for its Associated Artists program for the first time. Four Belgium-based artists and/or art practitioners will be supported through this program in a flexible and sustainable way, engaging in a process of knowledge sharing and learning together. The open call is aimed at emerging practices that find their place in a framework of community building, experimentation and cross-disciplinarity. 

Associated Artists are invited to undertake a long-term trajectory of 2,5 years, with a focus on the process to develop a project, a (research) question or a set of ideas that inform their work. In addition to an ongoing dialogue with the Beursschouwburg programmers, the associated artists are supported by the Constellation - a newly initiated network that brings together Beursschouwburg, Zinnema, Hiros, Bâtard, argos, Volta and Level Five.  


  • - you are an artist, an artist collective, a researcher or an art worker
  • - you live and work in Belgium
  • - you are seeking to further develop your artistic practice and/or research but are not structurally supported by an institution (university, postgraduate program or other) at the time of your application.
  • - your work relates to the arts field (performing arts, visual, audiovisual and media arts, music, transdisciplinary work, art in relation with other domains, writing, publishing, graphic design, dramaturgy, creative producing) 
  • - you are interested in engaging in a conversation with peers, the other associated artists and the Beursschouwburg team
  • - your practice and/or research responds to the values of Beursschouwburg


Four artists will join the Associated Artists program for a duration of 2,5 years.

  • - Ongoing dialogue, accompaniment and support by one Beursschouwburg programmer throughout the period of association. 
  • - Regular feedback and sharing sessions with the group of associated artists and Beursschouwburg programmers.


  • - 2 deep-dive paid residencies: each residency is 1 month long from mid-August to mid-September. During that period, the artists are provided with technical support, a studio and a program consisting of workshops, meetings and lectures tailored to their needs, interests and research questions in collaboration with the partners of the Constellation


  • - For the 2 deep-dive residencies, the associated artists will receive a total amount of € 9000 brutto (either on Beursschouwburg’s payroll or paid as an independent) 
  • - An additional production budget of € 8750 in total is foreseen (to buy books, material, invite guests…)


  • - We invite each artist to share a work, a talk, a workshop or a program publicly once a year in the Beursschouwburg program


  • - Deadline application: 8 April 
  • - 2nd selection round: meeting with potential candidates in the firsts weeks of May
  • - Final selection: June 2022
  • - First meeting at Beursschouwburg: September 2022
  • - Support from Beursschouwburg & the Constellation throughout the 2.5 years of association
  • - Deep dive 1: Mid August-Mid September 2023
  • - Deep dive 2: Mid August-Mid September 2024


  • - a written statement of 1 page, or a video, voice note or whatever medium works for you, of max. 10 minutes presenting your research interests and what you plan to work on in the course of the association; indicate any technical, logistic and/or research assistance you will need. Your ideas can be at an early stage.
  • - a written CV of maximum 2 pages
  • - documentation of minimum 1, maximum 3 artworks you were involved in.
  • - you can apply in English, French or Dutch


Please send your application before April 8th by email to Bigger files can be sent through Wetransfer. Or you can choose to go analog, and leave your printed CV, USB-stick, CD, zine… at our front desk. Address: Auguste Ortsstraat 20-28, 1000 Brussels. 


The jury is composed of the artistic team of Beursschouwburg (Elisa Liepsch, Gilke Vanuytsel, Sofia Dati, Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie) and three external jury members (Moya Michael, Joachim Ben Yakoub and Arne Huysmans).


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via: or call us at 02 550 03 50. 


We strongly encourage applications from underrepresented backgrounds as well as new and emerging artists to apply.