SOHO LP presentation OTON


SOHO LP presentation OTON

album release concert
WE 10.05.2017 20:00

Electronic music duo presents album

January 2013. Sasha is the singer of a jazz band, Baptiste, an assistant in a recording studio. Their first encounter is brief and yet can already sense that they will meet again and make music together. Years go by.

November 2015, their paths cross again. Baptiste sends a first song to Sasha, which she records immediately. And as in magic, you don’t know what happens but something happens, which encourages them to go on and record other tracks.

A couple of months later, they release they first single.Two trip-hop songs charged with just the right amount of melancholy and emotional power. Two tracks balancing between jazz, soul and electronica, perfectly completed by Sasha's voice, both fragile and strong. In short, two melodies lifting effortlessly our feet off the ground.

  • NÓI (be)
    NÓI is a musical project based in Brussels. It combines music soundtracks and more indie pop influences, drawing musical landscapes with sounds and images.