Out Loud!
OK Cowboy! (BE) & Joy Wellboy (BE)


OK Cowboy! (BE) & Joy Wellboy (BE)

FR 29.06.2012 22:00

OK, enJOY!

Rock, punk, funk, disco … Since 2008 OK Cowboy! lumps it all together in an irresistible musical pyramid with the eye-catching singer/rock chick Bineta Saware bringing the audience to ecstasy with her inexhaustible energy and likewise voice.

Let the sunshine in! With the Brussels band Joy Wellboy we bring in the summer. Brussels sweetheart Joy Adegoke and partner-in-crime Wim Janssens get right to work with elementary beats, warm bass lines and unorthodox harmonies. Joy’s voice is imploring, sexy and totally compelling in the (great) numbers.