Out Loud!
Zombie Zombie (FR) & Vermin Twins (BE)


Zombie Zombie (FR) & Vermin Twins (BE)

FR 08.06.2012 22:00

Stephen King on coke

With a great sense of drama and horror the Paris band Zombie Zombie opens the concert section of Out Loud! The inventive duo Etienne Jaumet and Cosmic Neman give their all in one long live trip through electro-psychedelics with krautrock influences, fast beats, fierce drums and brutal soundscapes. An addictive nightmare, without doubt.

VerminTwins, one of our top national live acts, present a stirring hotchpotch of electro, noise, rap and pop, with here and there a seriously funky bass and voices from the eighties. And: they dance. You, too?