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Ken Russell Tommy


Ken Russell Tommy

WE 20.06.2012 22:30

Cult & kitch & Jezus Christ Superstar

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The Who’s legendary seventies concept album by singer/guitarist Pete Townshend was one of the first rock operas and recounts the musical odyssey of a deaf, dumb and blind kid that makes it to pinball champion, rock star and the new Messiah of a religious cult.

Ken Russell, (The Devils, Altered States) the British director who died last year, makes an instant cult classic of the film which doesn’t shy away from the kitsch. On the contrary, Russell’s typically flamboyant style was seldom shown to better advantage and sublimates Tommy the film to a purely sensory experience which can best be described as an LSD version of Jesus Christ Superstar.

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UK, 1975,111’, © Hollywood Classics