Out Loud!
film screening
WE 17.06.2015 22:30

The renowned Israeli film maker Amos Gitai documents the end of a world tour to promote Annie Lennox’s and Dave Stewart’s album Revenge.

In between the concerts, we experience the shock of a discovery: Japan as a new world of both brutally technological and refined traditional sounds. The result is a fascinating and quirky exploration of Japan and its music culture. The taciturn Dave and the more talkative Annie improve and fantasise, experiment with Japanese sounds and locations and jam with local musicians. They show their genuine passion for music and talent for live performances, whether that is in a concert hall, in a bamboo forest or on the backseat of a moving car.

Amazing music documentary about the Japanese tour by The Eurythmics.

FR/UK, 1988, 93’
© Agav Films
Original version
In English, no subtitles