Out Loud!
Alpage Records Night: Prieur de la Marne + Ext’inT + Black Bones


Alpage Records Night: Prieur de la Marne + Ext’inT + Black Bones

FR 12.06.2015 20:00

We invite the wacky Alpage Records to organise an Out Loud! Evening entirely to their liking and according to their customs. This northern French label brings a handful of ‘poulains’ and throws a party celebrated daily in Lille.


FR - pop treasure mastermind
The name Prieur de la Marne pays homage to Pierre-Louis Prieur, a key figure in the French Revolution who as “Crieur de la Marne” was known for his exceptional eloquence, oratorical skills and his charisma. Prieur de la Marne does not exactly want to cause a musical revolution but rather to bring pop treasures back into the public eye in a new light, resulting from some charming and unexpected intervention. Or alternatively: François Miterrand meets Romi Schneider.


BE - elegant freshness
Ext’inT is the musical extension of Maxime Duquesne, a young Brussels performance and visual artist. In the capacity of Ext’Int, he manages to combine “gentle, deep emotions and powerful emotional outbursts” (or just to create good music, in other words). Add to that his rhythmic subtlety, melancholy, sensual voice, poetic lyrics about hope and despair, sex, desire and – why not – love, along with a distinct French touch, and you’re totally sold.

Ext’Int makes music using everyday objects and even the human body, together with electronic beats. The upshot? A moody texture that touches your very core.


FR - kaleidoscope rock Guitarist and singer Antonin Ternant is working on several musical projects which he is all developing under the broad wings of Alpage Records. The common denominator? The celebration of the grotesque parody!

The 5-member Black Bones is known – besides for its cool baseball image – for adding a parody flavour to musical references and influences. From indie rock to sampled eighties synths, neo-romantic melody lines, kaleidoscopic pop sounds: Black Bones loves a good cliché and a generous helping of humour. We are not obliged to take everything seriously, but make no mistake: beneath the humour lies true emotion, wrapped in a catchy melody.

Come and see this rock band that looks like a dance act. Hurry!