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Eden Night: Haring + Holy Strays+ DJ Rick Shiver


Eden Night: Haring + Holy Strays+ DJ Rick Shiver

SA 06.06.2015 22:00

You could say that Eden is related to Beursschouwburg in that it combines theatre, concerts, exhibitions, debates and pints of beer into an attractive mix. According to their website: Eden, Charleroi, le Paradis c'est ici! The only difference? It is located in the heavenly metropolis Charleroi. Eden brings with it two bands that operate under the umbrella of the Morning Ritual.


BE - melotronica
Haring conceals a young, Brussels musician and producer who is raring to send out his soothing, dreamy and melodic sounds into the world. He takes his inspiration from trips around the world and long, lonely nights, searching for the perfect sound. His influences sound like Gold Panda, Chrome Sparks, Rone of Tycho.


FR - dusky beats
Thanks to Holy Strays, you would be forgiven to think that Paris is a suburb of London, because electro sounds like it has been created in the chilly gloominess (reminiscent of the beats from the city’s deepest depths and echoes emanating from basements). The 23-year-old producer Sebastien Forrester has a penchant for percussion, gospel and fusion. He has made remixes for, among others, Forest Swords and Loney, Dear and creates complex, moody electronics with an emphasis on the bass, now featured on his latest 7" 'Pathless March / Seance' (Atelier Ciseaux).