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SA 28.04.2012 20:00

Latin-American music with a hint of rock, funk and afrobeat

In reference to the popular musical style created in the late 60's in the United States, the boogaloo or boogalu, PARA K SEPAS explores his own style of Cuban/Latin music created and arranged in the capital of Europe: the "belgaloo". A "salsa made in Belgium", a salsa on the rocks.

At the beginning there was a trip to Cuba... Created in summer 2007, PARA K SEPAS (para que sepas means "for you to know") is a Belgian Latin fusion salsa band formed under the impulse of the violinist and songwriter Sebastien Paz Ceroni after he came back from Havana. The repertoire is composed of original music works and some rearranged salsa covers. PARA K SEPAS is influenced by the Afro-Cuban music, but not only. The musicians come mainly from the Belgian jazz and world music scene. The singer Tomas "Tomi" Sotolongo comes from Havana, Cuba. His glamorous and powerful voice matches perfectly Jan Busselen's jazz guitar and Sebastien's juicy violin. The groovy bass line is signed by Pascal Hauben. At the percussions, there are Cachi Acosta swinging drums and Moises Lama (Braz) beating congas. Todor Stefanov (Bul) plays piano and alternates montunos and inspired solos. PARA K SEPAS has recorded 2 demos. The new demo was released in January 2009 with 4 original tunes: Para K sepas, Opening Theme, Brujeria, Pacifista. PARA K SEPAS is a committed band who delivers a message of peace and fraternity.

LINE UP: Tomas Sotolongo LEAD VOICE (CUBA) Sebastien Paz-Ceroni VIOLIN (BE) Jan Busselen GUITAR (BE) Pascal Hauben BASS (BE) Todor Stefanof PIANO (BUL) Moise Lama CONGA (BRA) Carlos "Cachi" Acosta DRUMS & TIMBAL (CUBA)