Performatik 2013
Sarah van Lamsweerde (BE/NL) Shrink the World


Sarah van Lamsweerde (BE/NL) Shrink the World

TH 28.02.2013 17:00 - 23:00

The artist Sarah van Lamsweerde started tattooing the map of the world on apples some time ago. She wanted to make the world shrink. This all had to do with a broken heart, but equally with globalization and the economic fiasco. The tattooed apples, at various stages of shrinkage and in several forms, can be seen at a number of Performatik locations.

• Sarah van Lamsweerde creates performances and installations. She also works on projects by such artists as Zhana Ivanova and Ivana Müller. She graduated from DasArts in Amsterdam in 2008.