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Dana Michel Yellow Towel

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As a child, Dana Michel wrapped a yellow towel around her head, in an attempt to look like the blond girls in her school. In Yellow Towel, she dives back into the world of imagination of her then alter ego. She does so in a performative ritual, averse to censorship and hypocrisy. 

Before the Canadian choreographer became a dancer, she worked in marketing and participated in competitive sports. Her choreographic work is strongly influenced by fashion, music videos, queer culture, cinema, hip hop and comedy. These influences are clearly visible in Yellow Towel, and result in an estranging spectacle that is poised between cartoon, performance and sculpture. 

In this intriguing work, you will witness a strange creature which emerges on stage into different guises. If you saw Mercurius George in our theatre earlier this year, you know you can expect a fascinating performance by one of the most emerging artists of the Canadian underground dance scene.

Aftertalk on Friday 27 October

After the performance we'll invite you to a conversation with Dana Michel and Ilse Ghekiere. Ilse Ghekiere is an artist and art historian who works as a dancer, performer, writer and educator. She’s currently working on an Open Canon, a project together with Rosa vzw. OpenCanon is an alternative canon with books that deal with subject of gender, feminism & LGBTQ.