Professeur Promesses & Isengard Guilde w/ Donna Candy + tommy moisi + Lilo + Nonchalanté Partners + Vinessett


Professeur Promesses & Isengard Guilde w/ Donna Candy + tommy moisi + Lilo + Nonchalanté Partners + Vinessett

FR 01.03 22:00

From nu-metal to trance, rock to trap, guaracha to footwork — this will be a celebration of musical hybridity!

Donna Candy  
Lead-heavy nu-metal bass guitars, upside-down fuzzy vocals, splashing drums, unsettling vocals and relentless loops – is this the moshpit or the dance floor? Trick question: it is both, and the sludge goodies of DIY trio Donna Candy will make you hungry for more. It all started in Marseille, with the idea of a party band that would fit in between trance sets at 4am – but the trio soon became addicted to their own euphoric doom-noise. Live, they always face each other in the middle of the venue, without a stage. The energy between Donna Candy and their audience transforms, expands, erupts into a queer catharsis. Not much remains of the dichotomy between nihilistic machismo vs hyper-femininity so typical of metal; the irresistible faux-hybridity of 90s nu-metal, on the other hand, suddenly feels quite possible. A few short – but vigorous – tours of the French, Swiss and UK undergrounds, among others, led to their smashing debut LP 'Blooming', co-released by Bison, Isola, Kraak and Swallowing Helmets. The latter two previously booked Donna Candy at La Perle in Brussels; Promesses and Isengard are now taking them to that Silver Hall (which sure sounds like new music in the pipeline…).


tommy moisi has been writing, composing and singing for several years. His sensitive, poetic lyrics address universal emotions, his voice cradling the audience with a gentle and authentic energy. Yet his musical output feels more like candy with a thorn in its side than a pixelated rose. Such hybridity between HD and lo-fi, smooth and unpolished, Gen Z(eitgeist) and timelessness appears to beguile both online and off – including those who might not have heard it coming right away. The self-released EPs 'variety' and 'sparkling memories' are relished by a community of artists who seem to live somewhere between Soundcloud and Paris, such as producer NxxxxxS or Beurs familiars Oï les Ox and Salome. It's about time to meet irl – whatever that means.


Lilo's musical choices are high contrast, washing over you like a perfume that rekindles deep emotions. Both in her playlists and her sets for LYL and Kiosk Radio, she digs deep into Eastern European electro trance of the early aughts, combined with typical sounds from her Ukraine childhood and a touch of rock from her teenage years in France. Let's dance <3


Nonchalanté Partners
An emotional rollercoaster, from gloomy to hopeful, such is the creed of sisters Chloé and Amélie. Nonchalanté Partners share ballads whose twists and turns are known only to them. Expect chirpy, cathartic and comforting tracks.


Vinessett, co-founder of Brussels-based artist collective and label Isengard, is a DJ who likes to stir up mischief above all else. You never know what the next layer will be, except that it'll be explosively funny. He calls on different eras and regions for his uptempo mess: guaracha, jersey club, bass music, EDM, dnb, rap, footwork... as long as it's nice and weird and nice and punchy.


When DJs Samos and Härdee mix together, they call themselves Promesses. Which they enjoy so much that they organise their own parties under the moniker Professeur Promesses. In fact, they enjoy organising soooo much that they even set up Milieux Festival and catapulted Promesses into a border-smashing record label, with releases by Apulati Bien, chiasm and DJ Call Me (among others) and compilation gems with the likes of Clara!, salome and Kelman Duran. The common thread? Hybridity and eclecticism – or long live the absence of any common thread! Promesses' releases, their shows on Rinse FM and their live sets never care about "how it should be", they’re all about how it sounds. Rap, reggaeton, footwork, trance, jersey, baile funk, hyperpop, ambient ... anything goes, except putting boundaries on the expressive freedom of artists and audiences. To experience music is a thoroughly collective act in Promesses' world. So be welcome, it's fun here <3