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Random Numbers Showcase Carcass Identity + Loto Retina + BXP


Random Numbers Showcase Carcass Identity + Loto Retina + BXP

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SA 26.01.2019 22:00

Brussels-Bologna techno fellowship specialising in eclectic music for weird parties.

Random Numbers is a record label from Bologna founded by Carlo Mameli, alias BXP, with artists from all across Europe. It’s the ultimate crew of electronic music-making, producing and DJing friends. As a collective they specialise in experimental techno. In practice, what that means is they all contribute their own personal styles as part of a collaborative cross-fertilisation – the result being the unique sound of Random Numbers.

Tonight they’re coming to show off this exquisite exchange: Carcass Identity is Matthieu Levet (Carrageenan / Pizza Noise Mafia) and Ernesto González (Bear Bones, Lay Low / Tav Exotic / Maitres Fous). Both artists live in Brussels and have been a fixture of our city’s underground scene for 10 years now. This marks their first collaboration together, mixing Levet’s dubby electronica with González’s psychedelica to create an EP that’s just the ticket for wonderfully weird parties. It’s up to you whether you spend Carcass Identity’s live set dreaming away flat on your back or letting loose on the dancefloor.

After the EP launch Loto Retina will man the decks. This fearless techno explorer effortlessly combines slow, feather-light ambient with intense garage sounds. Loto Retina’s already brought the house down in all your favourite venues in Belgium and France, so he definitely knows how to seduce a crowd into a dance or two (or any number, for that matter).

We’ll conclude the evening with big boss BXP. He’s got a vinyl collection that’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, and he’ll be dipping into it for an exploration of the ambient, acid and IBM flavours of techno. His sets have been described as an hypnotic and crystal-clear journey into the horizon of dance music.