Robbing Millions
album release party concert dj set
FR 25.06 18:00 - 22:00

Lucien Fraipont's second Robbing Millions album is a purebred lockdown baby, and that is being celebrated with cake and a surprise concert!

Playing with Garageband - "It's like a videogame!"- Lucien returned to the pure joy of creation on his own, while (re)discovering influences he had never recognized before. Mixing jazz, classical and Latin with his own pop creations, he offers us a crisp and surprising, tangy sweet pop record. Smiles for miles <3

18:00 Guitar cake & drinks + DJ set Erik Kinny (Santé Loisirs, Cattle Records)
19:00 Casimir Liberski plays Robbing Millions – jazz piano set
19:30 Signature session Robbing Millions + DJ Shags Chamberlain plays the records behind the sound of Holidays Inside 
20:00 DJ Josh Da Costa 
21:00 Robbing Millions Set
21:40 DJ Josh Da Costa