Close To Home: Sara Dziri & Valentina Bellanova
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FR 11.03 22:00

Emotional introspection, rage, classic Ney and atoning techno from the twilight space of Sara Dziri’s first album: Close To Home.

Acclaimed DJ, producer and Souk Sessions organizer Sara Dziri is doing something very special on March 25: releasing Close To Home on Optimo Music, her first album under her own full name. You can already listen to her first single 'fille de racaille'. 

After years of mixing at the top as DJ Dziri - she recently became a Fuse resident - Close To Home is a first intensely personal long form in which themes like belonging, representation and prejudice are shaped together with the sounds of her dual Belgian-Tunisian background. A groovy introspection, true to Dziri's practice, that sets up an emotional and musical space where unjust prejudice, the anger it generates and redemption ultimately dance together. You'll hear techno, trance, ambient, krautrock, dark wave, orchestral music, samples of traditional North African instruments as well as Sara Dziri's own dreamy, poetic voice.

For this live gig, Sara Dziri brings along the Italian soloist Valentina Bellanova, who plays classical Turkish and Arabic Ney. Even the "samples" in this gig are live! Together, the two artists create a sonic twilight zone where electronics and tradition, East and West, Berlin and the desert connect and blend.

Brussels islander and in-betweens specialist islas emerges from her regular park spot at Kiosk Radio to grace the rooftop on a hovering signature mix of dance music, ASMR, spoken word, ambient and joyful minimalism. She'll open the evening, as is her custom, with sounds you’ve never heard before.

We'll keep dancing with Mary Lake, who grew up in Algeria, France and the Netherlands, and hosts the monthly radio show Worshipping Discordia to experiment with electronic and folk music from all corners of the world. Her live sets also feature her own voice coming through the rousing mix of atypical techno, electro and left-field.

21:00 doors
22:00 islas
00:00 Sara Dziri & Valentina Bellanova (live)
01:30 Mary Lake
03:00 end

photo Sara Dziri: Louis Kerckhof

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