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Simon Asencio, Andrea Zavala Folache, Paula Almiron


Simon Asencio, Andrea Zavala Folache, Paula Almiron


Three performers explore the discrete techniques of clairvoyance in their school of magic·k.

The school of magic·k starts from the postulate of the existence of clairvoyance as a latent and undisclosed shared force, using discreet techniques to convey the invisible and challenge accepted understandings of self, intention and encounter.

If clairvoyance is often attributed to the realm of extraordinary characters and gifted persons, the idea of a school, on the opposite, brings about the notion of transmission while focusing on learning rather than education. The school of magic·k is thought of as a local meeting point to gather and prepare tools in order to prefigure forms of living and loving that encourage worldly action.


Andrea Zavala Folache works with choreography and painting as structures for mediating tools in order to investigate emerging relations between the mediums of spectatorship, theatre and dance. Her work has been presented in the form of performances, workshops, artistic advising, and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Simon Asencio makes performances where the notions of liveness, stage and audience are put into question. His work takes the form of exhibition scenarios, text-based ephemera and covert acts. He often uses imposture and the expression of doubt as means to develop, circulate and present his work.

Paula Almiron is a choreographer and performance artist from Argentina, based in Brussels. She works with different media, such as sound, choreography and text. Within her research she mostly proposes collective protocols to investigate how non human forces intra-act with the practices of writing text and choreography.