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on borders w/ Anne-Marie Ange Sibi


on borders w/ Anne-Marie Ange Sibi

TH 07.02.2019 19:00

A conversation on insecurity and injustice. On the (im)possibility of visibility. And how art can grant people visibility – at least, if the art sector is willing and able to do so.

In a six-part series of discussions – Small Talks – we’ll be taking a closer look at the different perspectives that define our reality and our norms. Normal Schnormal!

Anne-Marie Ange Sibi is a dancer and choreographer born in the Ivory Coast but raised in Italy. She ended up in Brussels almost two years ago on an Erasmus exchange. At Beursschouwburg you may have seen her work during TXT is not written plain, a co-creation project initiated by Globe Aroma and Hana Miletic.

In a time when everyone is talking about the UN migration pact, we can only imagine how it feels to ‘experience’ this pact. How do you get by (in Brussels) without papers? How do you deal with the repression from all sides limiting your freedom?

Anne-Marie Ange has got a bone to pick with the EU: she’s lived her whole life in Europe, speaks four European languages and still she’s locked out of the system, not recognised as a European citizen. A great injustice. The fact that she grew up in Europe and understands certain mechanisms more easily than people that grew up on another continent makes her feel – in her own words – like a privileged sans-papiers.

Hosted by Samira Saleh

Linked to the performance Reverse Colonialism > FR 08.02 & SA 09.02

Part of NORMAL SCHNORMAL, a multidisciplinary programme on normality and other deviations.

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