Sofa Cinema Auguste Orts
single screening
FR 06.03.2015 20:30

In 2001 the Beursschouwburg moved to the Kazernestraat: BSBbis was born. (The building in the Auguste Ortsstraat was undergoing major renovation work at that time under the expert guidance of B-architects.) In the golden BSBbis era the concept of Sofa Cinema was launched, (then under the name of Sofa’s Choice / Cinémaison. Watching films together in the living-rooms of some hospitable Brussels folk.

In celebrating the Beursschouwburg’s 50th anniversary we’re sallying forth again. Just as before, a few Brussels people are offering their living room as a private cinema. The hosts and hostesses are making their personal selelection from a wide film choice compiled by the people behind Auguste Orts (a Brussels production and distribution platform for audiovisual art projects).

The programme consists of films which influenced their own work, but which also turned them upside down as observer.

Videos, feature and short films, films which are 80 years old as well as recent films, American, Armenian, Austrian, Brazilian films, experimental work, fantastic film, silent melodramatic film, video clips, Each of them a film which brings a lump to the throat, sets your brain racing and proves that it can be different.

Settle yourself in a comfortable sofa in front of the TV screen belonging to a hospitable Brussels inhabitant. Bring a small gift and you’re welcome.

With work by:
Todd Haynes, Andy Warhol, Charles & Ray Eames, Buster Keaton, Inger Lise Hansen, Stéphane Aubier & Vincent Patar,...

With August Orts