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Sote + Phil Maggi


Sote + Phil Maggi

TH 21.11.2019 20:00

Sonic alchemy combining techno and Persian tradition.

Under the artist’s name Sote, Ata Ebtekar composes music compelled by a deeply-rooted conviction that rules are made to be broken and formulas to be reformulated. Influenced by his German and Iranian roots, Sote transforms the Persian music tradition into rustling synthetic soundscapes. With a career spanning almost 30 years, he is without a doubt among the key figures of the Middle East’s electro scene. Earlier this year Diagonal Records released Sote’s latest record, Parallel Persia, full of electro-acoustic music in which synths go hand in hand with traditional Persian instruments like the santour and the tar.

+ Phil Maggi
Electronic soundscape experiments from Liège and the rest of the world.

This Liège-born composer, vocalist and filmmaker has been experimenting since 2003 with distorted ambient, pscyhedelic drones and lo-fi interpretations of traditional folk. The perfect opener for an evening full of intercontinental dreams.