Stikstof + Roméo Elvis + Gerard Franz + Deejay Vega + UMI


Stikstof + Roméo Elvis + Gerard Franz + Deejay Vega + UMI

concert party
FR 05.02.2016 22:00 Sold Out!

These seasoned Brussels boys create hip-hop music that is referred to as STIKSTOF [NITROGEN] and even tastes like it. In Dutch, Jazz, Omar-G, Rosko & Astrofisiks hold up a magnifying glass to their lives, their generation, their environment and, if at all possible, Brussels as their microcosm. 

With a passion for language and an ear for messages and instrumentals, they released a free album not so long ago that can be listened to via Live, they are accompanied by supporting act Deejay Vega and have transformed many Belgian concert halls into sweltering hot houses.  Do not expect grotesque drivel about champagne and handguns but rather a soul-searching sketch which invariably ends in a party. 

They bring along Brussels rapper Roméo Elvis. In 2013, he released his first album Bruxelles, c’est devenu la jungle in collaboration with the group L’Or Du Commun. A year later, his second album Famille Nombreuse followed. On the nameless album of STIKSTOF, you can hear him at work in Dobberman (ft. Romeo Elvis). 

You’re coming, right, G?!