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Karl Philips 7 Square Metres


Karl Philips 7 Square Metres

single screening
TH 20.11.2014 20:30 BE premiere

In his first medium-long film, 7 Square Metres, visual artist Karl Philips checks whether there is such a thing as underground.

He takes the acid test and goes literally underground during Pukkelpop 2011. A strange circus, with the aim to perform without being part of the official programming.

If that what falls out of the ordinary is immediately embraced by capitalism; if the first thing you encounter at an art fair is a Ranger Rover; if Centre Pompidou serves as a backdrop to the launch of the latest BMW model - and you find yourself walking into the trap again and again, what is then the shelf life of this strange thing we refer to as underground? What role does art get to play, if any?

7 Square Metres shows that underground is alive and well – except that the playing field seems to have shifted to the digital dimension. Just like the market always recovers, so does underground: anonymously, invisibly, literally underground.

Subtitles in English

In Dutch

BE, 2014, 40min.

Concept & production: Karl Philips
Image & directing: Pascal Poissonnier, Bert Corsius
Production support: Stijn Maes (O.C.A.M.)
With the support of: de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, O.C.A.M., FLACC, Beursschouwburg, C/O, STROOM, W139