Tumbleweed #4
online film screening
WE 09.12.2020 20:30

Films by up-and-coming filmmakers. 

Welcome to Tumbleweed, a place for filmmakers and cinema lovers to get together.

Our associated artist Christina Stuhlberger selected a resonating combination of graduation films in order to open up a dialogue. 

Make a reservation in advance. On the day of the screening you will receive a ticket-code in your mailbox. Enter at beursschouwburg.be, here, on top.


My 18th by Margot Clavel & Julian Schwandner

Markos (16 ½) is fantasizing about the event of his 18th birthday while deeply invested in a game of Fortnite. 

directors: Margot Clavel & Julian Schwandner, editing: Julian Schwandner, cast: Markos Dragoumis, music: Aris Voutirakos

Julian graduated with a degree in Film & TV Production from the School Of Design faculty of Greenwich University in London in July 2019. He has studied filmmaking in Berlin, London & Prague and is currently completing a Master Program in Directing at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels in Belgium.


Farfallino by Adele Dipasquale
In Farfallino, with English subtitles

The film is an investigation of ‘Farfallino’ language, a coded version of Italian used by children to secretly communicate between each other. In Italian, literally, farfallino means language of butterflies, from the animal’s noun farfalla. The work starts from the proposition of a unintelligible communication capable of transpassing species through incomprehension. While employing mechanism of exclusion and inclusion, languages creates separatisms and possible alliances, so that, eventually, the only faithful speech would be a broken one.

with: Cristina Lavosi

Adele Dipasquale (Italy, 1994) is a visual artist currently based in Den Haag (NL), where she has recently graduated with distinction from the MA Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Arts KABK


The New Capital by Juliette Le Monnyer
in French & Arabic, with English subtitles

The New Capital documents the construction of the new Egyptian capital in the middle of the desert, by calling up satellite photographs and prospective modeling of the project. The desert that has become an anticipation invades us with a doubt : is it the future, a science fiction in progress or an already obsolete colonization ? At the dawn of Smart-cities that cut into plots a territory considered vacant and unproductive, can the desert thwart the plans and borders of nation-states ?

sound mixing : Lucien Richardson, color grading : Maxime Gourdon, director : Juliette Le Monnyer

Juliette Le Monnyer is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Brussels. Her work draws on perception, geopolitics and ecology as fields of experimentation and reconsideration of the visual trope.


Onder woorden by Martijn Van de Wiele
In Dutch & English, with English subtitles

A short essay documentary in which a group of stutterers learn to put their thoughts into words while singing.

camera: Martijn Van de Wiele, Saco Dhondt, sound recording: Luca Fetnaci, Ziya Lemin, editing: Martijn Van de Wiele, muziek: Domien Cnockaert, Nathan Ysebaert, singing: Anna Nuytten, lute: Thomas Langlois, thanks to VZW BeSt

Martijn Van de Wiele studies film at KASK in Ghent. His bachelor film 'The Afterlife of Fatherbird' received an honourable mention from the VAF Wildcards jury.


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