Working Title Platform #05
Adva Zakai Regarding Yesterday


Adva Zakai Regarding Yesterday

dance performance
TH 13.12.2012 18:30

The choice is yours!

Regarding Yesterday is not one but a series of shows, performed by Adva Zakai. At a certain moment in each performance something will make both the audience and the performer look at this piece from a whole new perspective... whatever happens then, will instigate the creation of the following episode in the series.

In Regarding Yesterday today’s audience influences what tomorrow’s audience will see. This performance travels between audiences and passes on their ideas to the next one to come. It is always the same piece, but also always the première of a new one.

EN spoken
50’ External Location: Petit Château, 9èeme de Ligne 27, 1000 Bruxelles

Concept & performance: Adva Zakai In dialogue with: Shila Anaraki Lighting design: Christoph Ragg
Production: Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats (BE)
Co-production: Beursschouwburg (BE), kc nOna (BE), Vooruit (BE)
With the support of: the Flemish Community
Special thanks to Repetition Island, Mardi, Elinoar Zakai, Frederique de Montblanc, Miriam Hempel, Abäke
and those who will join along the different phases of the series.