Working Title Platform #4

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Working Title PLatform #4
Working Title PLatform #4

Workspacebrussels is a Brussels-based organisation for the performing arts with a particular emphasis on dance, in partnership with Kaaitheater, Rosas and Les Brigittines. Workspacebrussels provides support for a carefully chosen selection of artists through an intensive residency programme and by means of coproduction and dramaturgical guidance offered to emerging creations and research projects.

The more promising results are brought together twice a year in the Working Title Platforms, a place for encounters between artists, professionals and an interested audience. Particular for the platforms is that you get to see a snapshot of the creation process: it's about work in progress. Therefore exchange and feedback play an important role. By means of aftertalks and the publication Field Notes, workspacebrussels fosters a dialogue on the performance. The WTP spectator is anything but a passive viewer!

For this fourth WTP, Beursschouwburg, Les Brigittines and Kaaistudio's are the venues where 8 artists and collectives will present the different stages of their work.