Working Title Platform #4
Shila Anaraki Park


Shila Anaraki Park

FR 15.06.2012 19:00
SA 16.06.2012 19:00

1 performer, 4 electric tabletop guitarists & live-electronics

In PARK six computers form a network that supplies five musicians and a performer with real-time instructions. But what happens when this network of instructions collapses and the movements of the performer have to provide the instructions for the sound and vice versa? And what transpires when the interchange vanishes entirely and the transmitter is left without a receiver or the receiver without a transmitter? With playful precision, PARK explores different ways of passing on information. The public is invited to follow this process with the help of a live commentary that allows the functioning of the system to become transparent and enforces the tension between the technological and performative. But then again, the explanation itself seems to be guided by the network ...

By Shila Anaraki, Stefan Prins & Zwerm
Concept and performance Shila Anaraki
Music and performance Stefan Prins & Zwerm (Toon Callier, Kobe Cauwenberghe, Bruno Nelissen, Johannes Westendorp) Dramaturgy Adva Zakai, Lars Kwakkenbos
Coproduction Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, DeSingel, Champ d’Action, Workspacebrussels
With the support of Wp Zimmer, Pianofabriek
Funded by The Flemish Government
Light and scenography will be developed by Simon Siegmann after WTP