XL AIR Filter


XL AIR Filter

live radio show
WE 28.11.2018 22:00

Live radio show premiere with wonderfully bizarre concert, straight outta Beurscafé

The show “Filter” on XL-AIR serves up a super-deluxe portion of unusual music every other Wednesday from 10 pm to 11:30 pm. Rules? Guidelines? Never heard of 'em. Just a dose of music slipping past our guard post, over our firewall and through our filter. This radio show is your tool for removing any pesky, unwanted signals. You're welcome!

Femke and James are Partners. The ever-evolving marriage of storytelling and electronic music brought them together on stage. For the premiere of Filter, they will be bringing their expressive live show to the Beurscafé. Thundering bass, eerie atmospheres and screaming vocals provide "a suitable backdrop for spastic movement".