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Stoemp! presents Youniss + Lazzaro


Stoemp! presents Youniss + Lazzaro

TH 11.05.2023 20:30

Dark hip-hop, electronica and ambient.

Hyper-talented producer Youniss is an experimenter of genres, giving them his own unique twist. His stunning live set (complete with drummer!) puts you on a rollercoaster of hip-hop, R&B and Arabic influences, when you're not bouncing to electronica, drum-'n-bass and techno. Youniss' second album, White Space, was released on March 8 by VIERNULVIER, the label of the eponymous arts centre.

The evening opens with a solo set by Brussels-based Lazzaro. She crafts a world where English-language poetry, songwriting, ambient and field recordings come together. Lazzaro recently released a debut EP on Brussels' premium label Bonambi.

Between 13 April and 3 June, Stoemp! is serving 12 free café concerts. Check the full progamme on​​​​​​​

image Youniss © Adel Setta
image Lazzaro © Hannah Vanspauwen