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Zoë Mc Pherson

Zoë Mc Pherson

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Zoë Mc Pherson is an interdisciplinary artist. String Figures [SF01] is an ongoing trans-global art project fusing electronic sound, ethnomusicological research, video art and choreography into a rich audiovisual tapestry that collapses worlds, histories and timeframes. Her live sets and audiovisual performances occupy a singular space at the intersection between forward-thinking club music, audio-visual culture and sound art. Zoë also works in the dance and performance field. She scored and performed a soundtrack for choreographer Gloria Hockner and made the sound design for the dance piece “VOX” by David Hernandez. Zoë has released music on SVS Records, Morphine records, Bizaar Bazaar, Low income squad, Weaponize your sound, BAKK, F:P and more