M I M I + Victor De Roo + Vica Pacheco + Apulati Bien w/ albert.culture
SU 20.06 15:00 - 22:00

Sous les nuages de Bruxelles, ces DJ-producteurs-artistes vous emmènent vers de possibles avenirs musicaux, inspirés par la Zambie, le Mexique, et la Belgique souterraine ainsi que les pays et les océans qui les séparent. Un rêve du dimanche après-midi sur le rooftop de la Bibliothèque Royale!

M I M I > 15:00 - 17:00

Born in 1994 in Lusaka, (Zambia) from Angolan & Zambian parents, MIMI (aka Maria Green) is a Brussels-based Artist & Dj. Living in Belgium since 1998, she explores her Afro-European cultural heritage through different medias. She doesn't stick to any precise musical style either, but explores and combines continuously instead.
Looking towards forward thinking movements while exploring her roots, she approaches arts and music with her own Afro-futuristic take.

VICTOR DE ROO > 17:00 - 19:30

Controversial musician and ex-DJ hailing from Brussels. VDR is part of the bands De Nooit Moede, Vanderschrick and Prutser; worked together with Alex Deforce, Meetsysteem and Rachel Sassi; released on labels Stroom, Knekelhuis, Social Harmony and his co-owned Kontakt Group.


Vica Pacheco ( 1993, Oaxaca Mexico ) and Apulati Bien ( 1991, Paris, France )
both visual artist and active experimental musicians, they have an intimate relationship with Mexican culture and sound subculture from Mexico and Europe.
Their b2b mixes are full of Cumbia from all over latin america, latin percussions and avant garde latin club music.

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Entrance at Kunstberg 28 before 5 pm
Entrance at Museumplein 1 after 5 pm

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