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Mophradat A Step too Far


Mophradat A Step too Far

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TH 06.12.2018 19:00

A walk along three cafes, where gentle intimacy is desired yet unattainable, but also where intentional provocation elicits unease.

“A Step Too Far” is an evening in two parts. The night begins with a walk between the bars Beurscafé, Cobra, and Lord Byron in Brussels city center for “Les Mots Bleus” a series of intimate readings* of new writings by artists Andeel (EG) with Mary Jirmanus Saba (LB), Rana Hamadeh (LB/NL), and Abdellah Taïa (MA). Later, the programme continues at the Beurscafé with “A Tragicomedy About Political Organising”, a story by filmmaker and geographer Mary Jirmanus Saba about summer 2015 in Beirut.  In “She has room”, Noor Al-Samarrai backtracks between catharsis and a goldmine of inherent awkwardness in an attempt to unify body and voice. There will be henna ‘n eggs. There will be slop and mud, and an attempt to get to the heart of it.Cartoonist and writer Andeel will conclude the evening with the A.I. DJ set “Shazamy”, a rough mixture of non-homogenised genres, beats, and tempos with a subtle political undercurrent emphasising the necessity of being as open as possible on the dance floor in the dark times of xenophobia.

 “A Step Too Far” implies both a setting where gentle intimacy is desired yet unattainable, but also a situation where intentional provocation elicits unease.  

* Les mots bleus is an ongoing project developed collaboratively by curator François Aubart and artist Benjamin Seror. The texts will be available in their original language and in translation to Arabic, English and/or French, they will be read by Maria Harfouche, Samah Hijawi, and Atta Nasser.


19:00 to 21:00 at Beurscafé, Cobra Bar Gallery, and Lord Byron 
Les Mots Bleus is a series of intimate readings of new writing by artists for the bar room

21:00 onwards at Beurscafé
A Tragicomedy About Political Organizing is a story told by Mary Jirmanus Saba 
She Has Room is a performance by Noor Al-Samarrai 
Shazamy is a music/DJing session by Andeel
Mophradat is an international nonprofit contemporary arts association that creates opportunities for thinking, producing, and sharing among artists from the Arab world and their peers everywhere.

Beurscafé,Rue Auguste Orts 20-28, 1000 Brussels 
Cobra Bar Gallery, Rue des Chartreux 1, 1000 Brussels
Lord Byron, Rue des Chartreux 8, 1000 Brussels

Design by Julie Peeters, copyright Mophradat, 2018