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THOT album release party + Public Psyche


THOT album release party + Public Psyche

album release concert
FR 27.10.2017 21:15

This industrial rock and postrock band presents you their new devastating album 'Fleuve'.

☞ Public Psyche > 21:45

Public Psyche is the new group name of former band Rape Blossoms. And under their new name, their music is still as icy cold and rock hard as before. No New violence is the name of their new album.

☞ DebadouDa Polyphonic Choir > 22:45 

☞ THOT > 23:30 

The industrial post-rock band THOT has been deep underground for a while. Their new album Fleuve is built around passionate vocals, heavy synths, clarinet layers and Bulgarian choirs. Check out their cover of Fever Ray’s Now's The Only Time I Know and whet your appetite for more!