Out Loud




FR 17.06.2022 21:00

Art rock alliant énergie jazzy, vibrations psychédéliques et l'envie soudaine de faire du headbang.

17:00 rooftop bar open 
21:00 BLK JKS
22:00 Avalanche Kaito
23:00 > 01:00 dj set

More than ten years ago, this art rock foursome from Johannesburg was riding the crest of the music world: world tours, magazine covers, encounters with the toast of rock music, and a debut album, After Robots, universally acclaimed as defining the decade. Then it grew silent. It would be eight years before a new release followed and another three for a new album to see the light of day in 2021. Abantu/Before Humans is at least as jittery and exhilarating as After Robots, even going one step further when it comes to pulverizing prejudice. Indie art rock in which afrobeat, funk rock and even hip hop resound, with lyrics melting together different languages, alternating between jazzy energy, psychedelic vibes and a sudden urge to headbang. Maybe you should come and see BLK JKS for yourself?