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[PIAS] Nites: Temples, J. Bernardt, Royaume (sold out!)


[PIAS] Nites: Temples, J. Bernardt, Royaume (sold out!)

WE 25.01.2017 19:30

Temples' second album Volcano is released on HEAVENLY RECORDINGS on Friday March 3rd 2017. One thing you do notice is that it’s harder to spot the influences this time around. At the core there’s still psych-pop, but processed into a single source of creative fuel that sounds like nothing so much as Temples.

J. Bernardt: Jinte Deprez, who co-fronts Balthazar, is pleased to announce his new side project under the nom de plume J.Bernardt. Treading new musical ground, Jinte has emerged from his home studio with an altogether different sound drawn from a range of influences; be it his father’s love of Kraftwerk or the pop sensibilities of his own musical discoveries, The single ‘Calm Down’ is the first fruit of that journey. Written and recorded at home in Ghent, multi-instrumentalist Deprez has seen the entire project evolve from experimenting with a synth, armed with a DIY aesthetic to a collection of tracks that will provide the basis for J.Bernardt’s debut album, slated for release in 2017.

Royaume: The band Royaume started to drag some attention with their track « Blue Asphalt » featured on the compilation of well-known talent-spotter music record Opening Light Musique! Royaume sparks the blogosphere and quickly reaches over half a million streams on internet. Formed by the French-Japanese singer Yumi along with the producer Moon Boy, Royaume is currently recording its first EP influenced amongst others by Ben Khan, The XX, Banks and Laurie Anderson.