Summer of Globe

Summer of Globe

TH 30.06 19:00


A workshop on interpreting and analyzing participatory performances made by non-professional performers during co-creation projects. This workshop is organized in collaboration with The School of Two-Sided Integration (Sara Oklobdzija Raes). The workshop seeks insights about the artistic normative standards we use and the way spectators can look at these performances. When people go to the opera, there is the opportunity to listen to an introduction to understand the opera piece. This workshop/discursive session functions in the same way. 

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The work (try-out) of two fledgling performances developed in Globe Aroma’s workplace. Since March, Globe Aroma has housed two experiments: a dance project and a theater project.

Restitution d’un atelier

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The first presentation is the result of a dance workshop led by choreographer Tierema Levy Koama. An open call was launched for participants to participate in this modern afro-European dance style. Every Friday, the group of amateur dancers trained together. Tierema Koama, Shilemeza Prins, Dieph-Standle Eliassaint ‘Lele’ and Dalila Lopes show the first result of their experiment in the Beurscafé.

Theatre of the Oppressed 

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For several months, Globe Aroma offered SYatre collective (Syrian amateur theater group) and Les Polymorphistes a place in the rehearsal space to develop their work. They met every Tuesday to develop a Forum Theater presentation. Based on the methodology of theater maker Augusto Boal, they are creating an alternative way to resist racism and sexism in public spaces.


In the frame of Summer of Globe.