ZEDIE + Calya J.
WE 20.04 20:00

18:30 doors
20:00 Calya J.
21:00 Zedie


Zedie is a Belgian-Nigerian singer-songwriter born in Brussels who studied jazz vocals in Antwerp. His music brings together French variété, jazz, soul and pop creating a  universe with a nostalgic feel. Through his lyrics, written in his teenage bedroom, he questions identity, and tells of melancholy, love and mourning.


Calya J.

Calya J., also known as Jessica Boyeleba Balehen is a 21 year old music artist, who translates her contemporary experiences into sound. After 5 years of playing classical piano and 2 years of playing drums, at a local music academy, she decided to take singing classes at an art school in Antwerp. While studying pop/rock music, she became part of several bands as a lead vocalist.

Because of participating in these bands she discovered the roots of where her musical talent came from, which is Cameroon. The style of music played with these bands were any form of Afro music such as: Afro-beat, Makossa, Soukous, Reggae, Highlife, etc. After performing different styles of music, she decided to produce her own style. In 2020 she released her first EP, “Blueprint”. This mini-album contains a mix of mystical soundscapes/beats and soul/rap vocals. 


NISHIMIYE > cancelled

"I’m a strong believer in the power of music. Music is a safe space for me to explore and express the various emotions that define my essence. As a universal language, I speak, breathe and live music to inspire others to explore their own creativity and talents. NISHIMIYE loosely translates to “I’m happy” in Kinyarwanda. My name is a manifestation of what music makes me feel, and what I want my audience to feel when they hear me sing. I love love. I love writing about love. I love singing about love. Through my music, you’ll learn what love means to me. Here’s to taking up space and living a happy life." - NNISHIMIYE