Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat Habits
looped screening
13 OCT — 14 OCT

13:00 - 00:00

Rita’s bedtime, Video projection, 3’26”

Lightning storm, 16mm projection, 5′

The first projection shows Rita, the artists’ daughter, as she is filmed by her father. The 16mm film captures a lightning storm on the Mediterranean Sea. The projection on this door alongside the sequence of the artists’ daughter underlines the assumption of power through the appearance of light; and how thresholds (like the screen, the camera, the door etc) maintain power relations.

Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat (both °1983 in Tel Aviv) have been working in collaboration for several years and are creating works in the Audiovisual field. Living and working in Brussels. Sirah and Eitan’s practice focuses on the performative aspects of the moving image. In their work they aim to mark the spatial and durational potentialities of reading of images – moving or still; the relations between spectatorship and history; the temporality of narratives and memory and the material surfaces of image production. Sirah and Eitan are currently teaching at ERG, Brussels.