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1 FEB — 30 JUN 2022

A focus on things that are repeated and repeated and at some point break.

Habits. We all have them and they’re not easy to break. They structure our lives and help shape our environment. They always have an impact, big or small. But what about habits that contribute to systems of oppression and violence? Who will say today that 'that's the way it's always been'?

What are our habits? How can we rethink them, break down patterns, and ultimately do things differently? Can we make room for dreams and imagination, create space for healing and connection, and ultimately find the courage to dare to think and act differently?

Together with artists, thinkers, collectives and audiences, this focus program explores our relationship to time, to our environment and to each other. We discuss patterns and structures within feminism, ecology and activism, talk about the politics of space and intimacy,  about gentrification and academia. Through our made-up cracks we peek at new ways of living, learning, thinking, liking, gathering, grieving and celebrating.

Everyone is welcome to this open space at the heart of our city. We make and maintain room for nuance, risk and experimentation, because sometimes all it takes is to do something again and again and again and then differently.


TH 3.02, FR 4.02, SA 5.02 SERAFINE1369: untitled videowork
FR 10.02 + SA 11.02 Joshua Serafin: Miss
TH 24.02 - FR 26.02 Sophie Guisset: Plus One
TH 3.03 Selina Thompson: salt : dispersed (film, free) 
TH 10.03 + FR 11.03 Mary Szydłowska: SOAK
TH 24.03 + FR 25.03 Azade Shahmiri: QUASI
FR 22.04 + SA 25.04 Venuri Perera: decendance
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TH 03.02 Alex Renolds & Alma Söderberg: La mano que canta (free)
WE 9.02 On & For: Talking, Reading, Watching Collectively 
WE 2.03 Filipa César: Quantum Creole + Mined Soil 
2.03 - 5.03 Amelia Umuhire: Innocent (in loop, free)
TU 15.03 Paloma Sermon-Daï: Petit Samedi 
WE 16.03 Recognition film screening
23 - 26.03 Fiona Tan (in loop, free)
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4.02 - 25.05 Hoda Siahtiri: No Body's Body (free)
12.05 No Body's Body, expo visit with the artist (free)
24.02 - 9.03 Des Blocs on tour (free)
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WE 2.02 Stace + Usea (seated concert, free)
FR 4.02 Farida Amadou + Ignatz & de stervende honden (free)
SA 5.02 Condor Gruppe plays Daughters of Darkness (seated concert)
18.03-20.03 schiev, a simple music festival (seated concerts)
WE 23.02 Sosotysha + Dasanyi (seated concert, free)
FI 25.02 EC Band + Yves De Mey + Pak Yan Lau & Théo Lanau (seated concert)
WE 23.03 curated by Goldenynyce (seated concert, free)
SA 26.03 Lyzza + Maoupa Mazzocchetti + Salome + M I M I (fingers crossed)
TU 29.03 Yokaî 
WE 20.04 Bert Dockx
FR 22.04 aya + gone icon + He4rtbroken dj's
FR 6.05 Moor Mother
TU 25.05 Darwin Deez
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TH 03.02 on activist fatigue and wellbeing: how to keep going? (cancelled)
TH 24.02 on non-binary love and exclusivity
TH 03.03 on ecofeminism and decolonial ecology 
TH 24.03 on academia
TH 21.04 on ableism & accessibility
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