KRAAK Festival 2019


KRAAK Festival 2019

2 MAR — 3 MAR 2019

Je jaarlijkse afspraak met avant-garde duurt dit jaar 24 uur lang

KRAAK festival is the annual expedition to the outer edges of new music lands and the transforming habitats of avant-garde pioneers.

Led by the idea to create an extended festival experience and flip accustomed patterns of playing and listening to the music. Bring your beautiful bodies, open your minds and sharpen your most delicate senses for this intense celebration of the visionary tendencies in today's music universe.


SA 15:00-01:00 
Forced Into Femininity, Sofia Jernberg, Embassador Dulgoon, Macromassa, Zwyzna, NRC, Lewsberg, Penus, DJs

SU 02:00-09:00 
PC_C, Legion of Andromeda, Me Donner, Sculpture, YOR, DJ

SU 09:00-15:00 
Maika Garnica, Christophe Piette, Sam Kidel, Peter Michael Hamel, Urge

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