À L'aise, Bien w/ Sara Dziri + Marouchka + Melissa Juice + Vera Moro


À L'aise, Bien w/ Sara Dziri + Marouchka + Melissa Juice + Vera Moro

FR 16.09.2022 21:00

Feminist, queer and nonbinary voices from Brussels come together for an unapologetically lebian techno party. Come for the gayness, the 100% Brussels-based artists and the 229% badassness. Stay as you are and let's party all dyke long.

21:00 - 23:00 Marouchka (POXCAT COLLECTIVE)

23:00 - 03:00 Sara Dziri (NOT YOUR TECHNO/FUSE)

01:00 - 03:00 Melissa Juice (MISSFITTE)

03:00 - 05:00 Vera Moro (SHAKTISTREAM)

Vera Moro is a trans queer non binary dj based in Brussels. She is making her way in the Belgian techno scene, with a particular interest for queer parties. She’s an active member of the transnational collective ShaktiStream, alongside other talented artists. She grew up listening to different styles, and was mainly influenced by pop music; although her main penchant is trance, acid, and hardcore techno, her older music taste can easily be perceived.

Melissa Juice is a Canadian-born, Belgium-based dancefloor demon and (hyper)active member of Brussels’ underground queer & selector scenes. She is a resident at Missfitte, a collective hosting care-focused, queer-forward underground events with women and non-binary people at the core. She is also the host of HEAVY FLOW and Double Double (with co-host and DJ Spirite), two radio shows on Radio Vacarme that promote women and queer artists in various scenes across the globe. Mixing everything from happy aperos to ravenous raves, her genre-bending sets are fluid, versatile and unapologetic. Always gay as in happy, always queer as in "fuck you".

Marouchka loves nothing more than to find and share lost post punk, new wave and electro gems, mixed with some teenage melancholy and brutal industrial. In doing so, she always focuses on women and queer people, who historically have been given very little space in these musical genres. Her bi-monthly set on Kiosk Radio is always an eclectic journey of discovery where nothing is left to chance. The perfect act to both close Out Loud and open the rest of the summer.

Sara Dziri is DJ, music producer, sound designer and performer. Her DJ sets and productions stand for surprising rhythmically complex house and techno. Hybridity and melancholy are central themes in both her music and her overall artistic work. Dziri translates her Belgian-Tunisian background in her work: revealing a part of her identity during her sets or in her productions or during one of her other projects for ex theater. Sara has a bi-monthly residency Kiosk Radio, is Fuse-resident and combines her different musical projects with a growing international gig schedule. Next to making and playing music Dziri promotes the feminist and queer underground party ‘Not Your Techno’ and ‘Souk Sessions’, a night dedicated to arab techno.