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Mallika Taneja Allegedly

online sleepovers & togetherness performance

Mallika Taneja Allegedly

online live performance
SA 12.12.2020 18:00
SU 13.12.2020 18:00

We’ll be livestreaming from India the performance “Allegedly” by Mallika Taneja, who will invite her tele-audience to take part in a discussion on sexual violence. All together on the warm, wide web.

Zoom in for sparking conversations at the intersection of sexual violence, justice, and our personal predicaments.

Built as an ongoing negotiation with understanding questions of consent, Allegedly seeks to spark conversations at the intersection of sexual violence, justice and our personal predicaments. A work forever in progress, it opens up the contradictions, confusions and irregularities of our own behaviours and solidarities.

As a consequence of its journey in the past several months of making, unmaking and remaking the piece finally into an online performance, Allegedly contains in itself a new journey of transformation of form and design, to make possible an online conversation between performers and audiences, to implicate their thoughts and decisions in the direction the play takes, trying to ‘make sense of it all’. Or at least the closest we can get to!


Trigger warning: This performance deals explicitly with issues of sexual violence.

In English

90 min. 


Get a ticket in advance. Prior to the performance, you will receive a zoom-link.


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Live support during the performance: send us a dm, call, text or WhatsApp +32 456 32 76 17


Mallika Taneja is a Delhi-based theatre artist. Her most recent works include Zanana ka Zamana (Time of the Femme) - built during the country-wide anti CAA movement, Aksar, Yunhi.. Mehsoos Hota Hai (Often, sometimes…It feels like this) — a reflection on mental health and the mundane; and Allegedly — dealing with questions of justice and sexual violence. Her piece Be Careful talks about the discourse of women and ’safety’, and has toured widely internationally. She also started interventions like Women Walk at Midnight, Sex Chat Room and an arts initiative called Lost & Found.

The piece was first commissioned by Zubaan Books, an independent feminist publishing house, as part of their project ‘Stepping Stones’, that looked at sexual violence and impunity all over India. The adapted version of Allegedly has been co-produced by Beursschouwburg Brussels, Kunstencentrum Vooruit Ghent, and Khoya Paya.


Performed by: Shena Gamat & Mallika Taneja, with Aman Mohammadi, Anahita Sarabhai, Anomita Sen, Anurekha Deb, Bonita Rajpurohit, Deepshikha Mishra, Dipali, Drishti Chawla, Eeshta Malhotra, Gunjan Gupta, Hansa Thapliyal, Katyayini Pant, Lauren Robinson, Neelambari Bhattacharya, Ritika Singh, Rituparna Pal, Shweta Pasricha, Tanima, Thinley Chodon, Urna Chakrabarty
Design and Direction: Mallika Taneja
Production Manager: Meghna Singh Bhadauria
Production Assistant: Shreya Agarwal
Executive Producer: Khoya Paya
Scripting Associate: Rajesh Nirmal with Meghna Singh Bhadauria
Music: Ashwini Verma
Project Advisor - Hansa Thapliyal
Legal Advisor: Mini Saxena, The Consent Project
Project Intern: Sukhman Kaur
Chorus Developed with Dipali, Eeshta Malhotra, Neelambari Bhattacharya and Tanima Sharma
Design and Direction: Mallika Taneja
For video installation version of Allegedly:
Video Designer: Santana Issar