An Evening With Auguste Orts #10
TH 09.04.2015 20:30

Faces. Landscapes. Close ups. Wide angles. Micro. Macro. 1971. 2014. Analog. Digital. Then. Now. Here. Elsewhere. On the horizon. The spiral of time. With works by Hollis Frampton, Michael Snow, Jonathan Van Essche, Phill Niblock, Christina Stuhlberger, Chloë Delanghe a.o.

During their 2006-2009 residency, the Auguste Orts members developed the concept An Evening with Auguste Orts. Making imaginative use of the Gouden Zaal, they dressed eye and ear in a crafted collage of sound and image.

We also want to have this concept in our 50-year-old midst once more: a collection of projections which find inspiration in possible relationships between landscape and countenance.


  • Hollis Frampton, US, Lemon, 1969, 7'30", 16mm
  • Joel Wanek, US, Sun Song, 2013, 15', video
  • Christina Stuhlberger & Chloë Delanghe, BE, On difference as such, 2014, 13', video
  • Phill Niblock & Arthur Russel, US, Terrace of unintelligibility, 1985, 17', video
  • Jonathan Van Essche, BE, "The Second of August", 2014, 19', video
  • Tomonari Nishikawa, JPN, sound of a million insects, light of a thousand stars, 2014, 2', video
  • Michael Snow, CAN, La Région Centrale, 1971, 190', 16mm