An van. Dienderen & Elias Heuninck Exploring space, time and the image
TH 23.04.2015 20:30
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Film maker An van. Dienderen and media artist Elias Heuninck compile an evening programme out of films in which deformation of images and digital disruption are key. The result is an abstract aesthetics: at times pixelated, at times aquarelle-esque.

Letter Home is a filmic letter about a journey to Japan. The film captures a physical transportation to a different cultural context on film and shows in what way consumer cameras guide this representation. The images merely show a digitalized deformation of the senses. Letter Home unites images of both the impressionist image-maker and the critical image-archeologist.   I’ll be late for dinner is a sequence of archive images of the Cassini-project (Cassini is a space probe orbiting around Saturn). Everyone knows the iconic images of Saturn, but some images were never shown in the press. Scratches on the images, light in the lens or images made to direct the probe, shift the focus away from the photographed subject to the camera itself. Is it possible to be amazed by these images yet again? The experimental approach (in what way can we show the real importance of the images?) and seeking imagery match very well with the approach of Letter Home.

BE, 2015
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Directing: An van. Dienderen
Camera: An van. Dienderen
Beeldmanipulatie: Elias Heuninck
Montage: Fairuz Ghammam
Sound: Patrick Codenys
Production: Elektrischer schnellseher
With the support of: Beursschouwburg, School of Arts, Ghent

After talk with the artists and Ann Overbergh