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architectures of violence

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Occupied landscapes, guarded squares and monitored bodies. Space is anything but neutral. Power structures constantly reproduce themselves through the construction and distribution of space. Who gets a seat at the table, who gets to open a door or move as they please? Who gets to tell their story and in which spaces, who speaks for whom, and how does action become possible? Who decides how we use space? What behaviour and rules does space impose on its users? And which spaces are kept out of sight or out of reach?


Over three days, artists, activists and scholars are invited to share research and practices that deal with sites where violence is organised through space, boundaries and exclusion. From the courtroom silence to the 'fiery beauty' of riots, in this chapter we consider strategies to reclaim space, whether by refusing, subverting, confronting or re-appropriating it. How can practices of fabulating, memory, imagination, repurposing and intervention shake the foundations of our built and imagined environments ?


All events are free. some in French, others in English, with or without prior registration.

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