architectures of violence

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Who gets a seat at the table, who gets to open a door or move the way they wish to? Who gets to tell their stories in which spaces, who speaks for whom, and how can action become possible?

Seized properties, occupied landscapes, surveilled squares and scrutinized bodies. Far from being a neutral container, space is shaped politically and translates the power plays that make it. Who gets to define space and its usages? Which places do we elevate, which behaviors and rulebooks do they impose? And which sites are placed out of sight and out of reach? The power structures on which our world is built are constantly reproducing themselves through the construction and distribution of space. This chapter around the entanglements of violence and space delves into some strategies that are carried out to reclaim spaces by refusing, subverting, confronting and repurposing their uses. 

How could practices of fabulating, memorizing, imagining, reassigning and intervening shake the foundations of our built and imagined environments? During three days, artists, activists and scholars are invited to share research and practices that touch upon places where violence operates through a certain organization of space, borders and displacement. From the silence of the courtroom to the ‘burning aesthetics’ of the riot, we propose to look into strategies for addressing and reclaiming (dis)possessed places and stories.