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Black Archive II
Legacies of our Bodies

Legacies of our Bodies

screening conversation
SA 07.10.2023 18:00

To ask about heritage, we start by thinking about distance.


The films in this programme place Black bodies in the vast space-time of their trajectories. In From Home, Gladys Bukolo takes a close look at one man's search for belonging, echoing it as an emblem of a shared destiny. In Womxn, Eden Tinto Collins and Gystere Peskine create a tension between humour and violence. Their retro-Afro-futurist tale combines the imaginary world of superheroes and space travel with the all-too-current reality of police violence, while Sun Ra and Valentin-Yves Mudimbe cast a benevolent eye. The question of heritage takes the form of inter-generational questioning in From Where We Land by Ufuoma Essi, who returns the opposition born here / born there of the diasporic experience to the eternal figure of the sea. She thus places her British experience in the tradition of Paul Gilroy's The Black Atlantic, echoing the concluding proposal of Ngozi Onwurah.


18:00 Films

From home, Gladys N. Bukolo, 9'30", 2023 (BE)
No spoken language

This film appeals to the senses and to the intimate. How to put words to ills? The irony of language in not being able to express everything, describe everything, or explain everything. Through scattered traces, dotted history, imagination rubbing off memory, hybrid identities, crossroads, symbolism and exchange. A body swallows up words, and then there's the tragedy of no longer knowing where home is.


WOMXN, The Nightmare of You Know Who, Gystere Peskine & Eden Tinto Collins, 5’25’’, 2019 (FR) 
English, with French subtitles

Womxn follows the story of Jane Dark in a post-apocalyptic far-Right ‘Grand Replacement’ — a political conspiracy wrongfully targeting immigrants and POC for decay in Europe.


From Where We Land, Ufuoma Essi, 19’, 2022 (UK)
English, no subtitles

From Where We Land, examines a group of second-generation Black British women and their relationship with identity, feelings of cultural displacement, and their shared histories. Informed by contributions of the 1980s Black feminist movement in England and the legacies of first-generation children of African and Caribbean immigrants, the film incorporates archive, VHS and 16mm footage.


19:00 Conversation

With Gladys Bukolo, Gystere Peskine, Eden Tinto Collins and Ufuoma Essi.

in English



images: WOMXN, The Nightmare of You Know Who, Gystere Peskine & Eden Tinto Collins