Bleu Nuit + Wraetlic + SIXSIXSIXTIES


Bleu Nuit + Wraetlic + SIXSIXSIXTIES

SA 14.05.2016 22:00

Bleu Nuit (BE)

Elastic synths, melancholic melody with a neurotic tight beat, the coolest and freshest band in town is called Bleu Nuit!
Sonic voyagers Elsa Grelot and Amandine Klee question the cliché of the classic electro duo and maniacal search the limits of this hybrid style.

Wraetlic (UK)

Wraetlic is his vocal-oriented, synth-led project from Alex Smoke who has been offering a juxtaposition to Europe’s minimal electronic milieu for years, supplying eager eardrums with dancefloor-oriented compositions that draw from myriad influences.


Stijn has been draining sweat from Brussels' underbelly with the Holger parties. All together with his buddy Captain Starlight, Holger tends to rock to the beat in any possible way: be it on the dancefloor, be it at home with their new born record label. Stijn is a musical omnivore: he will serve you top shelf novelties ranging from disco excursions over analogue jams, reissues and anything that tickles their fancy really. Disco (not disco)!