Busy Rocks Takes Stage!
Tuur Marinus Still Animals


Tuur Marinus Still Animals

TH 12.04.2012 22:00 premiere
SA 14.04.2012 22:00

An ‘animalesque' and human machine that makes bodies float and audiences dream.

© Anna van Kooij
© Anna van Kooij

Still Animals shows bodies that produce ‘animal and human machines’: the extreme counter pressure produced by two dancers allows a third dancer to perform the gait patterns of various animals and humans almost in suspension, without having to move in space. Tuur Marinus already touched upon this material in his performance Studium (2010) and now makes one step further in exploring these specific forms of movement and their compositional rendition. This performance allows the spectators to focus minutely on bodies performing movements and revealing the particularity of each body as well as the body’s generic quality.

From these ‘magical’ animal and human constructions emanates the artist’s classic dream of flying, but at the same time also the post-modern deconstruction of that dream. As a result, the spectator has to choose constantly between the joy of watching floating bodies, or rather the awareness of how funny the scene as a whole looks.

Duration 45 minutes
Choreography Tuur Marinus (Busy Rocks)
Dance Mohamed Boujarra, Ariadna Estalella, Flup Marinus, Tuur Marinus, Jan Martens, Benjamin Vandewalle, Inez Verhille, Chloe Zambon
Light design Elke Verachtert
Production Caravan Production for Busy Rocks
Co-production Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE)
Residencies Beursschouwburg (Brussels, BE), Artesis Hogeschool, Conservatorium voor Dans (Antwerp, BE), Theater Zuidpool (Antwerp, BE)
With the support the Flemish Community, Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels Capital Region Thanks to Fabian Barba, Marisa Cabal, Stav Yeini Busy Rocks is artist-in-residence in Beursschouwburg, Brussel (BE)