[postponed] Closing Party — ARE WE THERE YET? Salome + Maoupa Mazzocchetti + LYZZA + M I M I
concert party
FR 17.12.2021 22:00 postponed!

Are we there yet? No, but dancing together connects us to each other and to the galaxies that lead to a better future. Here, you'll find a preview of the line-up aboard our collective Beursspaceship.

Salome has released her very first, fresh-faced EP, an emotional love affair between her peaceful voice and frustratingly crispy, PC-music inspired beats. All the feels and all the moves, looking for the day after tomorrow.

Multi-music magician Maoupa Mazzocchetti strings together experimental collabs, like with associated artist-in-residence Vica Pacheco. Tonight, Laurent Allard and his custom visuals join Maoupa to set the dance floor ablaze.

Since her first release in 2017, LYZZA has built a reputation in sparkling pink and armored concrete. Her musical universe knows no boundaries, so whether you call this a pop concert or a dark clubbing gig, the message is dance <3

M I M I takes you deep into a night of Afrofuturistic visions, rhythms and sounds.